God's Brothel

If someone wrote a book about 18 victims of monogamous wife-beaters, would that then "prove" that all monogamous marriage should be banned?
The new book, "God's Brothel," uses 18 anecdotal bad examples, while denying the reality of all the good normal polygamous families. Illogically, it hysterically suggests that "all" polyamory is represented by those bad examples.

If someone wrote a book about a cruel man who claimed to be a "Christian," even though true Christians stand against his ungodly behavior and even say that he is not a Christian at all, would that then "prove" that that man's claim supposedly defines the meaning of being Christian?
"God's Brothel" falsely purports to identify "Christian Polygamy" among its bad examples, while ignoring the reality of True Christian Polygamy as actually-defined at TruthBearer.org. (For even more specific details, also see LoveNotForce.com and History of the Christian Polygamy "Movement.") Illogically, the book hysterically suggests that its one would-be example of "Christian Polygamy" is represented by someone who is not even considered as being in True Christian Polygamy.

It is significant that the author deliberately chose not to obtain any help from the Christian Polygamy organization of TruthBearer.org to find out what True Christian Polygamy is really about. To not obtain the true definition in the first place indicates the author's hostile agenda to create a smear compaign at any cost.

"God's Brothel" presents all of its other anecdotal "examples" of "bad polygamy" from a completely different religious belief system -- namely, Fundamentalist Mormonism. Even so, there are even some Mormon Polygamous wives who also completely disagree with how the book portrays their religious beliefs.

"God's Brothel," perpetrates a grave injustice against normal, caring polyamorous families. It absurdly tries to implicate "all" polygamists as being abusive and committing other horribles, all by "reporting" a tiny handful of anecdotal examples. Despite such obvious slander, the fact is that normal polygamists have always opposed abuse. (For example, normal pro-polygamists have long said that Tom Green is the "polygamy Tim McVeigh" and have long disavowed him completely.) Indeed, the hearts of all normal polygamists have always wanted to reach out to those who have been abused. Tapestry of Anti-Polygamy, a web-site that analyzes anti-polygamy rhetoric, has long demonstated how the side-issues of abuse are obviously separate from polyamory itself and that pro-polyamorous oppose abuse too.

Finally, the book's title itself, "God's Brothel," is a very offensive insult to all normal polygamous women, as it suggests they are prostitutes. Polygamy has never been a "brothel" of prostitutes under any circumstances.

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The facts therefore prove that "God's Brothel" is not an accurate portrayal of what the masses of normal polygamists believe or do, even though their hearts do go out to all victims. In the end, the book itself "pimps" off the hurting abuse-victims, prostituting their painful stories to make a buck for the author. So it harms everyone as the profiteering author whips up false hysteria against even consenting-adult polygamy.